Vietnam is by far one of the most picturesque countries I visited.  What makes a country a place where I would return over and over again? Definitely, its people and sights.


Most recently, I read a blog on NomadicMatt webpage where he writes about his experience in Vietnam.  He said that one country he would never go back to is Vietnam.  Wow!! That was very surprising, given my own experience there.  And not just for me, but for my friends and other travelers that I ran into during my roaming days.  People were rude?  Shortchanging him?  Yes, for the most part in poor countries people do shortchange you.


People in Vietnam are wonderful; food is incredible, sights amazing.  The entire country from top to bottom has a lot to offer in every aspect (including some of the best seamstress and tailors – I had an entire new wardrobe made there in two days!).


I find that we (travelers) most often than not share the same sentiment in regards to places we visit, and that’s why I value traveler’s opinions highly.


I like Matt, however, his Vietnam experience is a huge disappointment.


I say, give it another try Matt!



  1. kathy c says:

    wow…. this is a good story, very well writing. i have a lesson i had in egypt. i had terrible time traveling there as single women. beautiful country, and tourist sites. foodwas only ok.

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